The Arc CT

Our vision is to build an intentional community focused on cooperative, holistic and authentic living. We intend to be an education hub of sustainability. From permaculture and natural homeopathy to cultural and intellectual empowerment, we envision uplifting the community and surrounding areas by offering workshops, classes and events. A great example of similar communities already in operation is “The Arc 38”.

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We believe our community will benefit the collective welfare of the county, offering both an example and hands on knowledge, empowering others to embark on similar endeavors both personally and communally. This is very similar to what the “Valhalla Movement” calls “Freedom Culture”. Freedom culture is,

“A collective state of being that empowers and encourages all individuals to contribute their unique gifts to the world.

Through ecologically sustainable lifestyles, economic self-reliance in local communities, and global collaborative action for the benefit of all, freedom culture can become the new normal.”
The Valhalla Movement

Permaculture is a main focus for us in this endeavor, it is a transformative experience, physically and spiritually. Not only can we heal the environment but we can also heal ourselves. As we all learn to care more for our environment we will become closer to it. We can all learn to grow our own food in harmony with the earth.

Clean energy generation supplements the goals of permaculture. It becomes one of our main goals because it allows us to utilize electricity without polluting the environment.

Unfortunately dreams and visions like these do not come for free. We need to raise money for the purpose of buying land on which to build and grow our community. We understand that money is hard to come buy but we are grateful for any help we receive. We are accepting donations and hope to reach our goal so that we may buy our land and build our community. With your help we can, spread the word and one day this amazing dream will come true.

If you would like to make a donation we are accepting them here.

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